The project has dealt with designing a security system for a whole city, including netting the whole city with CCTV. The purpose was creating a system the residents will notice, but at the same time will be integrated discreetly in the urban surroundings.

We’ve tried to create systems that clearly emphasize the camera and its bearings. The inspiration was derived from the unique city’s architecture: we wanted the objects to be naturally integrated as part of their surroundings and even improve them, to radiate safety rather than a threat.

The product combines the requirements of a camera that has to endure the outside conditions – resistance, visibility, hardness – but still looks like an advanced high-tech product.



The project was carried out within the framework of the 50th anniversary of Sussita in the Independence Day issue of Yedioth Ahronoth. The project was to create an updated version of the classical ‘Sussita Cube’. The idea was to make a mini-SUV that pays tribute to the Sussita Cube, with a wink in the direction of the Israeli consumer, to move away from basic and modest transportation, to elegant and luxurious transportation.




An agricultural device for pest-control in fields. In this project we produced the device in its entirety and developed the concept for use in collaboration with the customer.

The product is actually a system that can contain a number of accessories for different uses and is intended for a variety of agricultural crops. The challenge was to create a design assembled from components of varying sizes, and characterizing this morphologically into one complete system.




Conceptual car design project in collaboration with Daniel Leibowitz and Meirav Peretz. The project was for a competition by the Mitsubishi company on a futuristic van for the Japanese market.

The concept was an electric car with chairs that fold upwards, paying tribute to the tradition of Japanese interior design. The project won one of the first places in the competition, in the category of innovation.




Brieftrace has developed a product for tracking shipments.

The innovative product enables tracking of each package consistently or accurately, both in the sea and in the air, while providing information on various indicators of the package. The indicators include precise location, temperature and warnings regarding unauthorized opening / closing, as well as specifying different location points during the movement of the package.

The uniqueness of the product is that it uses block-chain technology for the purpose of accurately transferring the information in a secure and specific manner. The technology also makes it possible to handle payments and ensure commitments related to the product.

In respect of this product we provided the company with a finished product that included development of the conceptual design, the mechanical design of the product, production of models for the development and testing process, as well as production of the product itself.

For this product we developed a design language that enables the production of diverse models for different tasks at varying levels of function: an iconic shape was determined that allows for the product to be made in different sizes and configurations, while preserving the identity of the product itself. The thin, smooth shape should help the product to adapt easily in packaging of various sizes, and permit connection to external accessories for the purpose of hanging it on a container, etc.

We developed an innovative charging concept for this product because each operator uses a large number of devices. We looked for a method that would allow easy and safe charging. The solution selected for this product is stacked charging – according to this principle, it is possible to charge many small devices within a small space.




This is an innovative company in the field of flash storage. Reduxio’s products have been designed to provide storage for large amounts of secure information, with direct and very fast access to any file, at any given time during its lifespan.

The bezel that we designed and produced was supposed to provide an aesthetic solution that would express the innovative and high-quality values ​​of the company, on the one hand; and furnish practical value, on the other hand. Often in products of this nature the cover constitutes a nuisance for the operating personnel who, after a while, simply remove it. The cover that we have designed is easy to detach and actually opens on a hinge, allowing the technician access to all of the operating parts without having to disconnect the bezel.

The challenge facing us was to enable the continuation of electrical contact, opening and closing, and to create a disconnect mechanism in the event that the technician is hindered by the cover. We produced additional uses for the bezel. Firstly – in the field of security – the bezel locks the detachment mechanism of the hard disks so that it is possible to remotely detect if someone is tampering with the system. Secondly, to indicate the good working condition of the system, or a situation of malfunction.

YAMA designed, planned and manufactured the product for Reduxio.



Yetitoy is an integration of a tricycle with a large-size doll – it encourages the child to engage in an integrative play, riding a bike while conducting free play with the doll’s character.

Yetitoy’s unique design allows us to present a tricycle with no internal frame, but more importantly, the innovative axis design gives the product a complete, seamless appearance.

In creating Yetitoy, we emphasized the guiding principles of proper design – an unmistakably iconic look and meticulous attention for every detail.
The Yetitoy was inspired by classic wooden toys, wholesome products that were both refined and of timeless quality.

Our purpose was to present a toy that would offer the child a wide field to employ his imagination, thus developing a personal connection with the character.

YetiZoo  more than a ride on (2013)

From the Yetitoy collection comes a new friend , the YetiZoo. A toy and a ride on that hides a secret place for jungle treasure.  join the Yetitoy family to enrich the wonderful imaginary world of your child.

YetiToy constitutes innovation in the world of children’s movement whereby it improves the motor and emotional development of children.


The design of the product brings about an emotional connection between the child and the YetiToy.

The steering handlebar is counteracted such that it ensures maximum for child while riding and turning. The YetiToy is constructed of innovative plastic materials which provide velvety, strong and superior feeling.

The YetiToy complies with the EN-71, ASTM and GS standards.



Double Alpha is a world leader in the field of competitive shooting products. The product recognizes the specific firing sounds and counts or schedules them. The product has been designed to serve the competitor during the competition and training phase, as well as to act as an accessory for the competition judges.

The ergonomic challenge was to create a product that would be very impervious and durable on the one hand, but very comfortable to hold on the other. The environment of competitive shooting is a harsh and demanding environment and requires maximum comfort and safety. The design structure of the product derives from the way it is used; when the competitor hangs the product on a belt or places it at the exit point; or if the judge holds it in his hand.

The grip must be very safe and comfortable, and the screen should be very legible for the judge and designed in such a way that he can show the result to the competitor. This is because the shooting environment is extremely noisy, so very loud speakers are used to intensify the sound of the shooting in order that this can be heard clearly during the competition.

The YAMA company developed the design and the mechanical installation, and also manufactured the entire product for Double Alpha.




A device which measures ear glucose, which takes place inside the earlobe. The measurement is performed by passing light through the blood vessels in the earlobe. The challenge in this project was to create a device that can be worn on the ear comfortably and quickly, while adapting it to a wide range of ears. The system was designed so that the initial modulation is conducted by a member of the medical staff in accordance with a unique measurement.

The challenge was to create a comfortable, easy-to-wear product that could be placed securely on the earlobe without exerting any pressure – in other words, the product is sealed hermetically, but does not apply any physical pressure to the earlobe, because that would have a negative effect on the measurement. The design process is done in an attempt to create an appearance which is discreet and non-medical, so that the customers will feel comfortable using the device in public without any misgivings.




Design of a ‘one-off’ vehicle for a unique customer. The vehicle combines interior and exterior design that connect in an integral way. The objective is to allow passengers to enter and exit the vehicle while driving from the rear portion. The rear portion derived its design inspiration from the appearance of yachts, and in effect it acts as a kind of “land-based yacht”.




Grofit’s product enables accurate measurement of greenhouse conditions easily and to an advanced degree.

The product encompasses a large number of measurements, amongst which the amount of light during the day, the components of the soil, the quality of the air and the amount of water and irrigation, etc. Until now this data was collected manually by a qualified technician and it was necessary to physically come to the greenhouse in order to sample the soil, measure the light, monitor the amount of water, etc.

Using BLE technology, Grofit allows the gathering of all the most extensive surface data on a vehicle equipped with a proximity beacon that passes nearby the device.

This is possible with very low consumption of electricity and therefore the device does not have to be connected to the infrastructure for electricity / light / communications, and can be easily placed in any greenhouse or area of growth as required

Thanks to this method, every agriculturalist or any company supplying seeds is able to realize maximal agricultural productivity simply and without the necessity to set up expensive infrastructure.

The YAMA Company has developed the electronic and mechanical installations of this product as well as the design of the product itself. The item has been designed cylindrically, allowing it to be placed in any part of the greenhouse with the sensors gathering input from every possible direction, and thereby allowing flexibility in their positioning. We have also developed a special loop by which the device can be hung securely onto cables already existing in the greenhouse, and still allow the product to be stabilized and level, which is essential for the quality of the measurement.

YAMA has been a full partner in development of the product and in the testing process, and also manufactures the product in its entirety for the customer.



A high-quality SUV with advanced suspension developed by Erez Abramov of EZ Rider. In respect of this product, we were responsible for the product design. The design concept of the project was to allow the vehicles to be as clean as possible and free of any ornamentation. In effect, we used the mechanical assemblies as a means by which to express the design. We designed each separate portion of the suspension and the wheels to create a finished appearance, and thereby achieve a look that is characteristic of off-road motorbikes, while nonetheless creating an elegant and light appearance.




For the municipality of Haifa we have design a station and signposting for its public transportation system. The system includes 4 different types of bus station, poster media and billboard for deferent location and sizes.

​The design direction was to create a light and esthetic style which is contemporary and clean yet a design which will not be too dominant in the environment.
We used the lighting of the station and sign to make the roof of the station look as if it is floating thus creating a lighter look.

The system was installed in the city starting of May 2013 and will introduce new elements in the upcoming years.




The Keter kids-booster was designed in order to give a simple and easy solution for the kids in the dining area.

It is very easy to adjust and can be connected easily to any chair, its design let a very light yet rigid solution.

One of the major design challenges was the unique diamond pattern of this seat.

Keter Plastic Ltd. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of resin-based household and garden consumer products. A one-stop-shop for plastic storage, organization products and furniture, Keter strongly believes in improving people’s daily living.





We developed the entire range of products for the Silbermann company: specialized medical-standard gas outlets,
measurement devices and suspension systems for operating rooms.

The esthetic challenge for the Silbermann company was in creating a special, identifiable
and consistent design language that would suit the entire product range while allowing planning
and marketing flexibility.





The MegaDo is an educational construction kit that can be built in endless options.
The Kit is supplied with an instruction manual that demonstrates seven chosen models such as a House, Boat, Market Stand etc.
This product combines an assembly game and role playing within the same product which can be used indoor & outdoor. Whenever you finish building your boat and pretend being a Pirate you could disassemble the MegaDo and turn it to a whole new story.

The child gains joy and satisfaction by building his own playground, this is a great platform to practice his logic skills and bring his creativity and imagination to life. Those are important values for the child development.

The MegaDo answers the needs of both child and parent by giving hours of activity and fun. You can play alone or enjoy quality time playing with friends and family.




Emza is a provider of scene interpretation and video analytics solutions. Dedicated to outdoor perimeter intrusion detection and asset protection we provide a full suite of products designed to provide a complete and simple working solution.

The camera is supposed to endure harsh conditions like heavy rain and extremely hot temperatures. The camera designers had to deal with providing an up to date technological display on the one hand, and discreet and hardy one on the other hand. The main engineering challenge was to create a reasonably priced sealed product with all it entails, keeping in mind the designers’ vision.




Give a kid a carrot and she sees a rocket. A snowman’s nose. Or a castle turret.
Every child views the world in his or her own way. Toyish toys are as open-minded as a curious kid.

They’re designed to stimulate imaginations and nurture the thinking skills that make each child-and toy-unique.

TOYISH toys combine crafts and building, creating and re-creating,
right brain and left brain thinking.
They encourage players to look at things differently, break the rules, and put pieces together in new ways.

They make kids wonder. Think. Laugh. And they make them want to keep on playing.



Champions, Dancers, Astronauts, Drivers, Foodies.


Today’s kids want to be makers, hackers, inventors, and in control of their space.



Curver introduced a new collection of kitchen tool under the name of “essentials”, design together with Yama R&D. This system focused on practicality and simplicity expressed by elegant design.



The product was designed as a terminal for automobiles, trucks and buses or taxicabs fleet. The product has many functions like control and follow-up, car monitoring and organizational communication. The MT5 is the smallest of a series of Micronet products. The goal was creating a tool that will function like most of the advanced gadgets in a much smaller package, allowing for ideal mobility. The product is supposed to be connected to the car systems and portable by the end users. The significant challenge was to do all that while maintaining the same resistance the bigger gadgets boast: water resistance (ip68), falling resistance etc. The designer was aiming to create a portable and up to date product that looks durable and hardy.

The product is made of soft and hard plastics (double injection) for sealing purposes and protection from falling.


For many handicapped people, it is especially the simple and most personal things that become the most complicated ones and those that create physical and emotional distress.

Yes, the ability to use the toilet in every place, at any time and without limitations, is not yet to be taken for granted. It is precisely from this view, that Seatara is launching the Wheelable, a unique commode and shower chair which will enable any handicapped person to use a regular toilet stall.

Now, handicapped people may enjoy the freedom of movement and ability to travel. The design dealt with ergonomic solutions. We wanted to create a highly functional product with as little compromise as possible, that will look soft, facile and inviting.

Our goal was to create an aesthetic attractive object that will not look like a medical device but a portable positive unit.







​The Olivexpress is the first-of-its-kind device for the making of olive oil in an ordinary family kitchen.

​To make high-quality olive oil, you need freshly-picked olives – no later than two days after picking. Until now, this limitation restricted the need for home-based oil-making devices to owners of olive trees or small orchards. Another drawback curbing the development of such devices is the seasonality of the olive tree. The Olivexpress company has developed a technique for preserving olives in their “virgin” state, suitable for making of quality oil, for periods of up to six months. Since at any given moment, in some part of the globe olives are in season, the Olivexpress company is able to provide its customers with specially preserved olives throughout the year.


The device itself is only an end implement in an entire system that provides customers with ready-for-pressing olives, all year long. The product is 70 percent smaller than the smallest comparable device found on the market today, while capable of reaching a surprisingly high level of extraction, closely similar to that of a full-size commercial oil press.

The operational interface is completely physical. We attempted to make the operation as clear as possible by accentuating by color and touch each and every stage of the device’s action (grinding, filtering and precipitation).​



In cooperation with Mr. Erez Abramov, we have designed a rally car intended for marketing as a finished product, as well as a self-assembly kit.

The purpose was to create a vehicle that would be as light as possible, dependable, and have the least possible number of structural parts and outer shells.

The design was inspired by the hot-rods, old 1930’s stock cars upgraded to racing standard since the 50’s and well into the present. We attempted to preserve the clean, sharp lines that combine style with modern technology and design while allowing rough-terrain modification.