Biodose is a product for medication management, for use primarily by patients with chronic diseases. The product interfaces with an existing drug table that is marketed by the pharmaceutical company. The system shows the user which medication should be taken and at what time, and also ensures that the medicines have been taken.

In addition, the system serves as an automatic alert system: in the event that the patient does not take the medication, it alerts him by means of a message; after which it alerts a relative of the patient;  and finally it sends a message for medical help – in this way acting as a smart emergency button. It is also possible to initiate the use of an emergency button vis-à-vis an emergency hotline.

The challenge was to create a product that would suit an existing drug table and would be easy and convenient for older users, who often suffer from problems with vision and various motor skills.

The engineering challenge was to adapt the product to an existing medicine table, and for it to contain a large number of sensors in a very limited physical space, which should ensure that the medicines are taken.