A device which measures ear glucose, which takes place inside the earlobe. The measurement is performed by passing light through the blood vessels in the earlobe. The challenge in this project was to create a device that can be worn on the ear comfortably and quickly, while adapting it to a wide range of ears. The system was designed so that the initial modulation is conducted by a member of the medical staff in accordance with a unique measurement.

The challenge was to create a comfortable, easy-to-wear product that could be placed securely on the earlobe without exerting any pressure – in other words, the product is sealed hermetically, but does not apply any physical pressure to the earlobe, because that would have a negative effect on the measurement. The design process is done in an attempt to create an appearance which is discreet and non-medical, so that the customers will feel comfortable using the device in public without any misgivings.